Thursday, 7 July 2016

Random Facts About Me

I thought it'd be quite fun for you to get to know me a little better now I've been blogging for a few months with a some totally random facts about me that you may not already know. You may have come across a couple of these already but stick around and you may find out something new, including a few personal ones.

  1. My first Saturday job was working for Superdrug to earn some extra cash while I was at college
  2. My favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast, or is it The Little Mermaid, maybe I love them both
  3. I am 5 foot 7 1/2 inches tall (the half is very important!) and a shoe size 5
  4. When I was 18 I went through a faze of wearing tie dyed skirts and DM boots
  5. When I was 20 I used to be part of a pit stop crew for a bike drag racing team at Santa Pod
  6. When I was 16 I started having my hair permed, then grew it out when I was 21
  7. I am an only child by my parents but have a half sister from my dads first marriage
  8. I don't have any tattoos and only have my ears pierced once
  9. I've had a nerve operation on my left ankle which has left me with a scar and a horrible lump
  10. I collect thimbles from places we've visited
  11. I hate the smell of fried food and garlic
  12. My dream holiday would be to visit Australia, but I've never been abroad!
  13. I can't have children (nature wasn't kind) but there are loads of relatives and friends with children so I get to spoil them
  14. My favourite colour is pink, always has been since I was little
  15. I love porridge with blueberries and almond milk for breakfast  
  16. Apart from my cat Pepper, who I have now, I've also had two dogs Sandy and Cassy, plus another cat Munchkin
  17. I passed my driving test first time when I was 18
  18. Adrian and I had a small wedding in a local registry office 
  19. I didn't go to Uni but did study Business Studies at College
  20. My first full time job in retail was for New Look which I absolutely loved
  21. I worked in a pub in the evenings for about 3 months but I hated it, it really was like Bridget Jones pulling pints!
  22. I don't take sugar in my tea or coffee although I used to have 3
  23. I am scared stiff of spiders and clowns and will scream the place down at the sight of them
  24. I love putting on my favourite pjs and snuggling under my duvet listening to the rain, it's so relaxing
  25. My bedtime routine consists of a shower, skincare, reading and a herbal tea
  26. I cry at everything sad in a film or TV program, one bit of sad music and that's it, I'm off
  27. My favourite feel good films are Clueless, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Bridget Jones, oh the list could go on
  28. I have an obsession with jewellery, I just love pretty sparkly things
  29. My nose got broken when I was a child and has been slightly wonky ever since
  30. My father died when I was 2, so I never got to know him and I spent time growing up with my Nan, Aunts and a foster mother
  31. A guilty pleasure, well it's quite embarrassing but here goes.....I love listening to Abba ( please don't judge, haha!)

Well, there you go, a bit of random stuff about me. If you are still around then thanks so much for reading. What's your most embarrassing guilty pleasure? What was your first Saturday job?

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