Saturday, 26 December 2015

What A Wonderful Day

I love Christmas and I get just as excited as I did when I was a child.
After the mad dash on Christmas Eve, when we both went out to get those last minute things that we just couldn't do without, my husband Adrian and I relaxed together with a glass of wine and the tin of roses chocolates while watching my favourite seasonal film "It's A Wonderful Life".
On Christmas morning, still in our pyjamas, we tucked into a bacon sandwich and a mug of tea before opening our presents. I even made sure my cat had a stocking filled with her favourite treats!
Later we sat down to a delicious roast turkey dinner, which Adrian had cooked, followed by Christmas pudding. Crackers were pulled, the wine glasses were filled and games were played.
In the evening we snuggled up on the sofa with a turkey sandwich and a huge slice of chocolate Yule log and watched all the drama unfold in the soaps on TV and the final episode of Downton Abbey.
I had such a wonderful day.
Today was Boxing Day and that meant only one thing.................the sales!
I hope you've all had a wonderful time, whatever you've been doing, with whoever you were with.