Friday, 14 October 2016

Dinki Belle Nail Wraps

If you know me by now, you'll know how much I love doing my nails with my favourite nail polish. However, I don't always have the time, or the patience, to sit and wait for each coat to dry for my perfectly manicured nails.
I've always wanted to try nail art, but me doing something that fiddly would most probably end up a disaster. So you can imagine how excited I was when I got hold of a set of Dinki Belle Nail Wraps.

Dinki Belle is a small brand in the UK but they offer a wide range of beautiful, colourful nail wraps and I was so delighted to be able to try out the Marble set. Instantly instagramable! I think they are the perfect treat for a night out or that very special occasion where you want something a little different to your normal nail polish.
For £6.99 you get 20 nail wraps which come in the a cute little drawstring bag, complete with easy to follow instructions, a nail file and a manicure stick. What a bargain.

I began by prepping my nails as I would normally do, filing and buffing to get my own nails into a shape I was happy with. Next I selected a nail wrap for each of my nails and found that there was one that fit the shape of my nails perfectly, however they are easy to trim into shape for a better fit as I later found out.

The Instructions for use:

  • Clean and buff your nails
  • Select the size to suit your nail and remove the clear cover
  • Lift the wrap using the silver tab and apply to nail smoothing out any wrinkles
  • Wrap around the nail and file off excess in a downward motion
  • Remove with nail polish remover or gently peel off

And hey presto, I had beautiful marble nails.
Dinki Belle do suggest using a top coat, so I just applied my normal Barry M top coat over each nail wrap.
I found the first couple of attempts a bit tricky because I don't have a very steady hand so I had to use one of the nail wraps which needed to be trimmed, but I had no problem fitting it the shape of my nail. Afterwards I managed to do all of my nails and they looked absolutely amazing.
On the packaging Dinki Belle say the nail wraps lasts up to 14 days, I was so pleased that mine lasted 11 days which is pretty good going considering they are basically stickers and I do think applying the top coat helped. I've even got some left so I could be a bit creative and apply a marble nail wrap on alternate fingers with a normal nail polish in between.
I think these are the cutest nail wraps I've ever seen and will probably buy another set for a special ocassion I have coming up soon.

Have you used nail wraps before? What pattern did you choose?

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