Monday, 28 December 2015


I created Rosie Loves Life in November 2015 and ever since then it's been a blog about fashion, beauty and anything else that I choose to write about. I started my blog as a hobby and it's become my little space on the internet.

My name is Sharon, I'm happily married to Adrian and we live in Hertfordshire where I've lived all my life and will always be my home. We have a cat named Pepper who we adopted (or rather she moved in with us!) from our neighbours about 10 years ago and she's been with us ever since.
Ever since I was a teenager I'd been interested in fashion and beauty and I ended up working in the fashion industry. I've used any knowledge I've picked up over the years as inspiration for my own personal style. I love wearing hats and have a slight obsession with shoes! You'll find me shopping in high street stores as well as vintage shops trying to pick up a must have item of clothing or a beauty product that I really do need to have. 

My other passion is for photography which began when I got my first digital camera in 2014, but without any experience I've learnt along the way and decided to incorporate photography with writing a blog. 

If you have already read any of my blog posts you may be wondering why I am always sitting down in my photos. I suffer from a neurological illness which has left me needing to use wheelchair. Daily life can be a struggle but that won't stop me doing the things I love. 
Blogging has definitely changed my life. I've pushed myself to learn new skills, increased my confidence and connected to new people all over the world.  
I'm really enjoying writing Rosie Loves LIfe and look forward to developing it further in the future.

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