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May Beauty Favourites

Well what an exciting month May has been. I've been out and about with my husband for those long walks that we both really love and find so relaxing. I've been on a few lunch dates with friends who I haven't seen for ages, plus I went for a coffee date with another friend who I'd not seen in 5 years as she'd moved away but we've kept in touch, so while she was down this way visiting her family we thought it would be a great idea to have a catch up. To end the month off I went to a friend's daughter's 1st birthday party where I ate far too much food and even attempted to sing Happy Birthday!
So Monthly Favourites time again, yes I know, it does come round so quickly!
I've been trying a few new products this month and these are the ones I've enjoyed using the most.

Imperial Leather Nourishing Shower Creme
This was the first time I'd tried this brand of shower creme as I wasn't sure if it would be suitable for my sensitive skin. It was on offer for £1 in Boots so I thought i'd give it a try. I chose the Vanilla and Almond Milk fragrance and it has such a beautiful smell that's not too over powering. It made my skin feel really soft after my shower and didn't bring me out in a rash. It also lathers up lovely on my shower scrunchy. I loved it so much that while they were still on offer I went back and bought the Uplifting Sherbet Lemon one!

Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat
As per usual my local store was out of stock of the quick dry top coat I normally have so I picked this one up instead. I am so impatient when it comes to painting my nails that I end up smudging them before they are dry. I wasn't sure what to expect with this one but it was really lovely to use. I applied it as I would a normal top coat and my nail varnish was dry in about 5 minutes. I even love it more than the one I've been using for years, so that says something about how good I found it.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in shade Sand Beige
I'd seen this being used in a couple of YouTube tutorials and it looked as though it gave really good coverage. As Revlon was on a 3 for 2 offer when I bought the top coat I decided to pick this up as well. Most of my foundations have a light to medium coverage so I was a bit dubious about this at first in case it made me feel as though I was wearing a mask but I love that this one gives a beautiful satin finish without being too heavy. I applied it using my foundation brush and it blended in easily and then I dabbed a damp makeup sponge over the top to make sure there wasn't any streaky lines left behind. The foundation gave me a lovely even looking complexion which lasted all day and it didn't dry my skin out either. This has to be my favourite foundation so far.

Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer in shade Nude
Fab, amazing, perfect. What more can I say. I'm sure you've seen enough people going on about this product for the past 100 years but I had never tried it. I know, I'm a bit behind! So I thought I'd give this a try to see if it was a good as some people say it is. Well for a budget concealer I was pleasantly surprised. The sponge tip applicator made it easy to apply the concealer just where I needed it and it completely covered up my horrible dark circles. Again it blended in easily and wasn't too drying. Definitely a winner!

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm
I've seen this balm recommended by other bloggers so I really wanted to give it a try. I wasn't too sure how I'd get on with it as it's called a Matte Balm and I'd normally go for moisturising lipsticks, but it's amazing. The lip stain pencil is easy to apply and the colour is so pigmented that I was able to apply either a light layer for a softer look or go on heavier for something more intense. It's a creamy moisturising formula which didn't dry out my lips as much as I thought, so I was really pleased about that.  I absolutely love this pinky shade. I'd definitely be tempted to buy another shade as they are so easy to use and carry around in my handbag.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in shade Princess Pink
I already own the Max Factor Matte lipstick in shade Rosewood, which I also love despite it being a matte one, but I found I needed to use a lip liner as well. This colour lip pencil matched perfectly with the lipstick and lasted nearly all day. It was so easy to apply and as it's a lovely soft creamy texture I found it didn't drag the skin on my lips.

Well that's everything in my beauty favourites post this month. Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed seeing what I've recently loved using.

What products have you been loving this month?

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