Monday, 13 June 2016

The Beauty Blogger Tag

Last week I was tagged by Sarah from Writing Rambling to do The Beauty Blogger Tag. I've not done a beauty tag before and it's one I'd love to do, all you have to do is answer the questions. So I won't waffle on too much and get straight to it.

What's your favourite perfume and what do you think it says about you?
Miss Dior Cherie is my all time favourite. It was the first perfume I bought myself, it says I can be quite independent but also I'm a hopeless romantic.

Contour or Strobe?
Definitely contour. If I tried to use a strobe cream I'd look like I'd been sweating it out at the gym which is not a great look.

What's your night-time skincare routine?
I cleanse with micellar water, if I've worn a lot of makeup that day I'll give it an extra cleanse with a gel-cleanser. I then apply a serum and night cream followed by an eye serum. I also use a hand cream and lip balm before going to bed.

Favourite lip colour shade?
Nude, which probably comes as no surprise!

Favourite eyeshadow palette?
I'm obssessed with my Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette, all the colours I need for everyday.

What's your number one makeup tip?
Always take your makeup off before going to bed at night. No matter how tired (or drunk!) I am I still make sure I do this and I never use wipes.

What's your favourite store for cosmetics?
It's got to be either Boots or Superdrug, so many makeup brands under one roof and I can collect my loyalty points for extra treats.

What's a high-end makeup item you'd love to own?
Anything by Chanel or Charlotte Tilbury.

Which celeb do you feel nails it, makeup wise?
Adele for her amazing eye makeup

You have an hour to pack for a surprise weekend, which all-rounder palette and lipstick would you choose to take with you?
I don't actually own an all-rounder palette, so I'd probably be in a real flap about what to take. I suppose I could improvise and take my ELF Eyes 100 Eyeshadow palette, which has every colour for eyeshadows plus I could use the pinks, neutrals and creams for blushers and highlighters (well you did say I only had an hour!). The lipstick I'd take would be my MAX Faxtor one in Rosewood as it goes with everything.

Thanks for reading and thank you to Sarah for tagging me. Now I tag LisaTania and Lauren

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