Monday, 27 June 2016

My 5 Favourite Lipsticks

I have quite a collection of everyday colours, but there are times when I like to pop on a brighter colour such as an evening out or just because it's a sunny day and I feel like wearing one. There are also days when I just like to stick on a clear lipgloss or a lip balm, usually when I'm at home or I've over slept in the morning and haven't got time to put on a nice glossy lippy.
I've been having so much fun playing around with different lipstick shades lately. However it did go a bit wrong the other day as I bought a deep plum lipgloss which I'd swatched on the back of my hand whilst in the shop and thought ooh that's gorgeous. Unfortunately when I got home and tried it on my lips I realised it was completely the wrong colour for me. Oh well, you live and learn! So I gave it to someone who I know will get far more use out of it than it being sat in my draw for the rest of eternity.

These are the 5 lipsticks that I seem to be reaching for a lot at the moment, a few old favourites and a few new additions.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in shade Mayfair Red Lady
Yes, I know! A red features in my favourite 5 shades. I'm as shocked as you probably are. I know this is a colour most people would associate with winter or Valentine's day but I've been to few parties lately and this has been the perfect shade. It's really glossy and I must admit, I do feel very glam while I'm wearing it!

Rimmel by Kate in Shade Rossetto (no. 28)
A pale baby pink has to the second favourite shade i'd reach for after a nude, especially in the summer. I love wearing this if I have a tan or I'm wearing a white summer outfit.

Max Factor Matte Lipstick in shade Rosewood
A gorgeous brownish nude and used with my Max Factor lip liner in Princess Pink it makes the perfect colour for everyday.

Makeup Reveloution Iconic Lipstick in shade We Were Lovers
This is the newest addition to my lipstick collection and oh my word, it's gorgeous! A bright pinky red colour which I bought in a recent Superdrug Haul and I've worn it so much already. This one will definitely be replaced with a second tube.

Clarins lipstick in shade Pink Orchid
Another shade I love wearing in the summer is peach. This is a colour I wear for almost any occassion whether it's while I'm out shopping, going for a stroll in the woods or out for a meal in the evening.

Left to right: Mayfair Red Lady, Rossetto, Rosewood, We Were Lovers, Pink Orchid

These lipsticks are all easy to apply and long lasting. The only one I don't find as hydrating as the rest is the Max Factor Rosewood as it's a matt lipstick, but then all I do is apply a small amount of lipbalm first to stop it drying out my lips too much. I also think these shades suit my hair colour and skin tone.

Thanks for reading.
Let me know what your favourite lip shades are?

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