Friday, 23 September 2016

Shadow Switch Review

Does anyone really love cleaning their makeup brushes? It can seem like a real chore but I do try and clean mine at least once a week, however I will admit to sometimes using a dab of makeup remover on a cotton pad to wipe over the brush, especially if it's been a busy week and I've just not had time to clean them properly or I want to use my favourite blending brush for a neutral eye shadow and it's still full of yesterdays dark smokey eye shades.
I know, surely there's an easier way to get just one or two brushes clean and without going through all the hassle of waiting for them to dry afterwards?

Hurray, there certainly is! This little tin from Beauty Essentials means a quick swipe and you can use the same brush to switch between eyeshadows. Sound good?

Shadow Switch* is a dry brush cleaner (yes, dry) so there's no need for water or baby shampoo  and waiting for ages for your brushes to dry before swapping to a different shade of eyeshdow.

This little tin contains a spongy, wiry block and is totally refillable and promises to eliminate the possibility of product transfer between powders. It's also Eco friendly and will help preserve your brushes. So I think it's actually a quite clever tool and is so easy to use. It costs £5.99 and will soon be available from Beauty Essentials when their website launches, plus it'll also be available to purchase from Sephora, however until then if you'd like to get your hands on one then the Shadow Switch* is available through Amazon.
I think the packaging is super cute in pink and white stripes and it's also perfect for if you're on the go and want to do a quick clean up of a couple of brushes between changing eye shadows.

I was lucky enough to be sent a Shadow Switch to try from the lovely team at Dee & Co on behalf of Beauty Essentials and my one is in the original packaging.
So how did I get on when I put it to the test?

I chose a bright blue eye shadow as that's a colour I really wouldn't want to get smudged in with a neutral shade. After swilling the brush around on the palette and making pretty patterns all over the back of my hand, I then put the little tin to the test by pressing and rotating my brush over the Shadow Switch in a circular motion until all traces of coloured powder had completely disappeared! I swiped the brush on the back of my hand just to see if the Shadow Switch* had done exactly what it said on the tin!

And guess what? There was not a scrap of blue eye shadow left on my brush, it was completely clean of any powder so I could now start to use any other colour of eye shadow without patches of blue where I didn't want them. I was absolutely amazed.
The Shadow Switch didn't remove any staining from my white make up brushes but it most definitely removed any product build up from a previous colour. I wouldn't swap my weekly deep clean as I think make up brushes still need a really thorough cleanse to remove all traces of dirt and grime, but for a quick clean up in between shadow changes then the Shadow Switch* is absolutely brilliant. I shall definitely be using it from now on.

Have you tried the Shadow Switch? What did you think? How do you do a quick clean up for a change in eye shadow colour?

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