Monday, 12 September 2016

What I Love About Autumn

Do you know how incredibly excited I am about Autumn this year? And I mean really excited! It surprised me because I usually love the Spring but this year it just seems so different. Last September I hadn't even started my blog so this year I've been reading more posts about Autumn and that's really helped to get me in the mood. A few Saturday's ago I even put away most of my summer clothes, that's how excited I've been to dig out the chunky knits! Then of course, the weather has been really warm and sunny ever since, so all of you Autumn lovers out there can blame me for that, I think I jinxed it!

So here are all of my favourite things about Autumn.

Hot Chocolate
Well lets face it, a hot chocolate is nice anytime of the year but there's something warm and comforting about having one in Autumn and topped off with loads of whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows.

Autumn Walks
I love going for a walk with my camera and taking photos of all the gorgeous colours that are around. It looks amazing when the leaves start to change to a bright orange and there are red berries everywhere. It smells different too, there's more of an earthy smell or as I used to say when I was younger "It smells like potatoes!"

The Weather
I don't mean when it's tipping it down with rain and you end up at your destination looking like a drowned rat. No, I mean those crisp, cold sunny days where you can wrap up in the thickest coat you own and have fun swooshing through the leaves on the ground. Then when you go indoors afterwards it feels even more cosy. And if it has been raining, you can always have fun splashing through the puddles just like you did when you were a child! Who says we have to be an adult where fun is concerned?

The Makeup
Berry, plum, burgundy, you name it, I'm loving it. I think I'm just about done with the pinks and peaches of Summer and I'm ready to wear a bold plum lipstick or a smokey eye. And let's not forget the manicure in a beautiful burgundy nail polish.

I couldn't not love having candles lit up everywhere. It makes the room feel all cosy and creates a certain ambience, pine and spice fragranced ones are my favourite.

Cosy nights in
With the evenings getting darker earlier, there's nothing nicer than coming home and snuggling up in a comfy pair of pjs and a pair of fluffy socks, all wrapped up under a cozy throw whilst watching a film.

Hats and Scarves 
As I've mentioned before, I love wearing hats and Autumn is no different. In fact I think I love wearing them more as there are so many amazing colours and styles which will all add a bit of interest to your outfit. Plus they keep your head nice and warm if it's a chunky knitted one worn with a thick woolly scarf. This floppy burgundy one is my absolute favourite hat for Autumn.

Chunky Knits and Boots
At the start of the season I'll most probably be found in a shop eyeing up all the new chunky knits and writing my very long wish list. I just love snuggling up in a thick cosy jumper along with a hat and scarf on a cold autumnal day. I've got plenty of thinner knits that I can layer up under an oversized cardigan instead of a coat. I've been waiting for weeks to pull on my knee high boots, I can't believe I'm wishing the weather would turn colder!! 

The Food and Drink
Whilst everyone is raving about a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, I'll be the awkward one in the queue asking a member of staff if I can have the Pumpkin Spice syrup in a cappuccino. I just find Lattes too milky. I'll also be swapping my granola for a nice warm porridge with berries for breakfast. And I just can't wait to tuck into a warm, hearty home cooked casserole with a chunky slice of bread. Oh this is making my mouth water!

Bonfire Night
I just love the excitement of Bonfire Night and I'm lucky enough to live near a few large displays that are on around the 5th November, so we normally sit in our garden and watch those. I'm wrapped up in my thick, cosy Parker (well it's more like a duvet!), eating a jacket potato crisped off on the bonfire and drinking hot tomato and red pepper soup from a flask. I just love the smells on Bonfire night. It maybe freezing cold but that's half the fun of it, being all huddled up around the bonfire trying to keep warm and having a good laugh while watching the pretty colours erupt in the sky.

Well, yes this is a tricky one considering I don't like masks or scary movies! Last year though a few of us all dressed up in non scary costumes and I loved wearing a witches outfit and putting on a black wig for the occasion! It really didn't look like me at all especially as I'd had my make up done by a friend. We all had a brilliant time and I think having few drinks helped too, haha. I also enjoy making the lantern out of a pumpkins and getting all messy during the process. I'm a big wus when it comes to scary movies, so I'm looking forward to watching something light hearted like Hocus Pocus. I can't wait to do this all again this year.

I hope you enjoyed my Autumn post, well I certainly feel all warm and cosy now so I'm off to make a hot chocolate, snuggle up in my pjs and watch a DVD.
What do you love about Autumn?

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